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In keeping with the Jokers' tradition of maintaining a "healthy social element" to their hockey, the VRC Jokers Club has toured the world extensively.  In fact, Jokers were the first overseas team to play in Cuba, Colombia, Tobago and Taiwan.

From the formation of the club in 1964, the Jokers wasted no time and began travelling the world in 1966. So much is the Jokers' touring tradition that a special International Touring Side was formed, known as Jokers International. Since 1985, Jokers International has attended all but one of the Golden Oldies Festivals.

Here is a list of our impressive touring history: 

1966-67: Mexico
1969-70: Mexoci, Peru, Venezuela and Trinidad
1973: Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia
1975-76: Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, Colombia, Curacao, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago
1977: Bermuda (Hesquiat)
1979: Ireland
1981: Bermuda (Hesquiat)
1982: Hong Kong, Singapore, Bermuda
1984: Mexico
1985: Bemruda and Golden Oldies (Victoria, BC)
1986: Holland, Belgium, France and England (Vets World Cup)
1987: Barbados, New Zealand and Golden Oldies (Campbelltown, Australia)
1989: Golden Oldies (Bournemouth, England)
1991: Golden Oldies (Fiji)
1992: Great Britain
1993: Irvine, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Golden Oldies (Hong Kong)
1995: Palm Springs
1997: Palm Springs and Golden Oldies (Dublin, Ireland)
1999: West Palm Beach, Fiji and Golden Oldies (Brisbane, Australia)
2001: Golden Oldies (Vancouver, BC)
2002: Palm Springs
2003: Golden Oldies (Lautoka, Fiji)
2005: Golden Oldies (Den Bosch, Holland)
2007: Golden Oldies (Rosario, Argentina)
2009: Phoenix Cactus Classic
2011: Golden Oldies (Edinburgh, Scotland)
2013: Golden Oldies (Hawaiii, USA)
2015: Golden Oldies (Leipzig, Germany)
2017: Golden Oldies (Cape Town, South Africa)
2019: Golden Oldies (Vancouver, BC)