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The Jokers are able to operate thanks to the tireless efforts of many individuals. Our Executive Committee members, team representatives, coaches and umpires allow all of our activities, on and off the field, to happen. 



Chairperson - Tasha King
Past Chairperson - Sophie Pilkington
Secretary - Sophie Pilkington
Treasurer - Lesley Hamilton
Men's Captain - Gavin O'Halloran
Women's Captain - Karen Gray
Membership Secretary - Amelia Hamilton
Social Directors - Sion Cahoon, Sarah Jardine 
Board of Directors Representative - Sarah Jardine
Equipment Manager - Tim Pilkington
Communications Officer - Meredith Elliott
Members at Large 
Rodan Gopaul-Singh, Joel King, Kamran Shaikh

To contact the Jokers please use our contact form which can be found at


Women's Teams
  • Champions Division - Team Reps: Hannah Clark, Liz Miyashita; Coach: Chris Tyrell
  • Division 2 - Team Rep: Krista Wilson; Coaches: Joli Fooken, John Lehmann
  • Division 4 - Team Rep: Jennifer Musgrave; Coach: Andy Davies
  • Division 5 - Team Rep: Sophie Pilkington; Coach: Scott Mathis
Men's Teams
  • Head Coach: Graham Wood
  • Competitive 1 Division - Team Rep: Gavin O'Halloran
  • Competetive 2 Division - Team Reps: Rodan Gopaul-Singh
  • Recreational Division - Team Rep: Scott Mathis