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The Vancouver Rowing Club provides an excellent facility in which to row and socialize.   The present clubhouse was opened in 1911 and though it's architecture is described as being  "of the rustic style", it has much to offer the modern rower. 

The shellbay is equipped with over 25 rowing shells.   From a new Hudson double to sturdy and dependable Kingfischer, both experienced and novice rowers will find a shell to meet their rowing needs.

A quick glance through the shellbay doors and you will see our readily accessible rowing float from which we are always able to launch easily and safely...and keep our feet dry. 

Because after a hard workout on the water nothing is better than a hot shower and dry clothes, the clubhouse also offers full facilities with lockers. 

There are also many opportunities for social interaction at VRC.   The member lounge and patio located in the clubhouse is a popular spot for club members to meet and relax. 

The Vancouver Rowing Club rooms are also available for rent, for further info please contact the club's Events Manager