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The new online registration process through Rugby Canada is now available.  Follow the steps below to register:

1) Click link and launch members area
2) Sign up for the registration system
3) For minis and age grade, the parent signs up for the program and adds the child as a family member
4) Select the registration type
  • Senior Full Year
  • Senior Half Year
  • Collegiate
  • U19
  • Age Grade - includes both U15 & U17
  • Mini – Includes both Mini and Grade 6 Mini
  • Non-Member Coaches
5) Click register once the correct reg type is shown
6) Read the waiver and click agree
7) Fill out details including citizenship, position, and willingness to volunteer
8) Type name in registration form
9) Select fee type, make sure player is selected, make sure yearly registration is selected. Add to cart or continue will cause the right side invoice to update
10) Pay - via credit card
11) An invoice will automatically be sent to [email protected] once your payment is completed. For any questions feel free to contact me at [email protected]


What do I get for paying club dues?

If playing for one of the best rugby clubs in the world is not enough, you also get:

  • Access to all facilities at the Vancouver Rowing Club (our clubhouse) including our recently upgraded gym
  • Your VRC membership dues are included
  • You are registered with Rugby Canada as an active player
  • You are insured against injuries by Rugby Canada

Why do I need to be registered / Insured?

Playing rugby in Canada is strictly governed by Rugby Canada. All players who wish to play rugby in Canada, even players from other countries will not be insured against injuries unless they are registered with Rugby Canada.

The Rowers facilitate this registration process by having you to pay your dues and completing a Rugby Canada registration form which gives you insurance coverage.

What if I join the club half way through the season?

You will not be expected to pay the full years membership. The section will work out the pro-rated fees for you.