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The Jokers wouldn't be the Jokers without an array of social events throughout the year. We make good use of our excellent facilities at the Vancouver Rowing Club, and these events are a great chance to get to know your fellow Jokers.


Each year Jokers host two big social events at the Vancouver Rowing Club, which are open to everyone. Don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list to make sure you get all the latest information about these events.



This is your chance to put on your fancy dress costume and party the night away.  The Harbour Room will get a spooky make-over and the place will be packed to the rafters with happy, strange looking Jokers and guests. 




As the first social event of the season, Rookie Night is the perfect opportunity for old teammates to catch up and new members to see what a Jokers' social event is really all about. It takes place in the Carver Bar at the clubhouse and there's plenty of food, drinks and games all night. Each team designates their rookies, and for this honour, the rookies are treated to lots of fun, games...and surprises!



Although the Jokers never really need an excuse to party, Christmas has to be the best excuse there is. Hockey players dress up in their finest attire (or ugliest sweater) to enjoy food and drink, dancing, prizes and plenty of socializing in the seasonally decorated Harbour Room of the Vancouver Rowing Club.



Awards Night is how we end the season with a bit of fun and a lot of recognition. It is a chance for us to award our top players and coaches and thank our many volunteers. This event offers a chance for teams to get together for one last time and relive the memories of the season before the summer break. 

If you're looking for more information or tickets to an event, talk to your Team Rep or contact us