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The VRC offers membership in the Rowing, Rugby, Field Hockey and Yachting sections as well as Social membership.

VRC membership dues are comprised of two main components:

  • Club Dues which are set by the Board of Directors and apply equally to all members.    These dues entitle members to access the gym, showers and club lounges.
  • Section Dues which are set by the individual section executives.  These dues entitle members to participate in section sporting programs and events.


Field Hockey
Junior** $150.00
Collegiate* Player $306.00
Active Player $459.00
Collegiate* Goalie**** $180.17 Active Goalie**** $284.13
Rowing Junior** $782.90 Collegiate* $941.24
Masters $1,045.20
JR Cox
  Collegiate Rec $891.24 Rec $995.20
Novice $1,202.70 Gold Plus $948.99 Gold Plus Rec $898.99
  U23 TBD U23 Alumni  TBD  

Collegiate* TBD TBD

   Collegiate* $424.50
 Active $524.46



*Collegiate members must be under the age of 26 at September 30th of thecurrent year and must be enrolled in a recognzied post-secondary institute
**As per the constitution a junior member must be under the age of 18 years at September 30th of the current year
***Rowing U23 program participants must be under the age of 23 years at September 30th and enrolled full time in a recognized post secondary institute.
The Rowing U23 membership is valid May through August only (applicants must be approved by section)
****Discounted Field Hockey goalie rate is only available to those who provide their own goalie kit
Amounts shown includes Secion & Club dues + GST

Sporting memberships renew October 1st
(Rowing/Rugby/Yachting/Field Hockey)

Social membership - annual to themonth joined

FIELD HOCKEY - VRC Jokers welcome players of skill levels from novice to Olympic calibre.  With teams in all league divisions of mens and womens hockey and an international touring section The Jokers take pride in their combination of social and competitive hockey. 

ROWING - The founding sport of the Vancouver Rowing Club continues it's tradition of athletic excellence.   VRC celebrates an impressive international record, placing athletes on Canada's Olympic, PanAmerican and Commonwealth Games teams.  To apply for rowing membership you must have rowing experience or have completed a Learn-to-Row program.  Applicants must be approved by the Rowing Section Vice-Captain Membership.  Please complete the Rowing Section Application/Renewal Form and submit to Club Office. 

RUGBY - VRC fielded it's first rugby team in 1908, a group of rowers wanting competition in the off-season.   Currently three senior and one junior team compete in local league rivalry.   Join the VRC Rowers, former BC Provincial Champions, and tour wherever fine rugby is found.

YACHTING - Set sail for cruises, summer regattas, dockside barbecues and the Commodore's Ball.  Affilliated with major boating associations, yachters compete in local and international races.  The section maintains reciprocity with other clubs, bringinging boaters together from around the world.  To apply please submit the yachting section questionnaire along with completed club application form and two sponsor letters from current yachting members who have been members for more than twelve months.  Complete applications received by the 15th of the month will be posted and considered at the following month's executive meeting.

SOCIAL MEMBERSHIP - VRC offers social membership to walkers, joggers and runners who enjoy the trails and seawall just steps from our clubhouse in Stanley Park.  Social members are welcome to utilize the club's member lounges and workout facilities.  Social members are not directly affiliated with any of the sporting sections and are not entitled to vote at the club's meetings.


***Application for or renewal of Moorage or Membership indicates you have read, understood, and agreed to, the Club’s privacy policy***
***Signed application/renewal documents must be submitted to the Club Office to complete Membership or Moorage renewal***